Youth Leadership Academy

    Youth Leadership Academy 2024

    The Youth Leadership Academy is a 10-day training program for Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC/RC) youth volunteers from across the world.

    The purpose of Youth Leadership Academy is to support youth voluntarism in the RC/RC movement and build strong young leaders within the RC/RC movement who can stand out as role models and agents of change, build strong volunteer communities as well as initiate and lead youth activities in their national societies and local communities.

    Young leaders in the RC/RC movement represent both the present and the future leadership in today’s world marked by crises, uncertainty, and an increase in humanitarian challenges. This calls for young leaders that are self-aware, resilient as well as young leaders that can recognize psychosocial distress within them self and in others and are front runners in addressing mental health stigma. At the Youth Leadership Academy 2024, we want to focus on building the skills of youth volunteers in the RC/RC movement, so they are better equipped to be resilient and innovative leaders that have the tools to create safe spaces for their fellow volunteers.

    The participants at Leadership Academy will explore several topics including:

    • Youth Leadership: Volunteer Motivation & Management
    • Life Skills: Reflection on yourself, your relations, and your community 
    • Psychosocial Support and Mental Health: Caring for youth volunteers

    The training varies between formal sessions and non-formal training methods that combine innovative group work and draws upon participants’ experiences and existing projects.


    The Academy will in 2024 take place in the countryside of Denmark in a beautiful area surrounded by nature. The weekend of the program will be in Copenhagen where the participants will get an opportunity to experience the city and meet young volunteers from Danish Red Cross youth.


    The Youth Leadership Academy is organized once a year in Denmark. In 2024 the academy runs from the 6th - 15th of May 2024.


    Youth Leadership Academy targets young volunteers at the age of 18- 30 years from the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement who are committed to being role models and take leadership in their National Societies.

    Want to know more?

    For questions or further information please contact the Youth Leadership Academy coordinator Julie on



    Leadership Academy

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