Leadership Academy

    Youth Leadership Academy 2022

    What is it?

    Youth Leadership Academy is a 12-day training programme for Red Cross and Red Crescent (RC/RC) youth volunteers from across the world.
    The purpose of Youth Leadership Academy is to support youth voluntarism in the RC/RC movement and build strong young leaders within the RC/RC movement who can stand out as role models and agents of change. Youth Leadership Academy provide the participants with tools for and knowledge of youth-to-youth interaction they can implement in their local communities and empower participants to realize their potential as youth leaders.

    In 2022 the academy takes place in place in Copenhagen at the Danish Red Cross Volunteer House and in a secluded country lodge on the outskirts of Copenhagen. This setup gives participants the opportunity to explore inspirational urban culture as well as the opportunity to immerse themselves professionally and socially.

    The training varies between formal sessions and non-formal training methods that combine innovative group work and draws upon participants’ experiences and existing projects. Subjects covered include:

    • Levels of youth engagement: How to work with and for young people?
    • Youth Leadership: Volunteer Motivation & Management
    • Peer education: Acquiring competencies in youth-to-youth approaches and dialogue
    • Psycho Social Support and Mental Health: Caring for youth volunteers
    • Mobilisation of youth for active citizenship: Training in and testing of innovative DRCY methods to motivate youth to take initiative and participate in their local societies as active citizens


    When is it?

    Youth Leadership Academy is conducted once a year in August. In 2022 the academy runs from the 31th of July till 12th of August 2022.


    Who can apply?

    Youth Leadership Academy targets young volunteers at the age of 18- 30 years from Red Cross and Red Crescent movement who are committed to being role models and take leadership in their National Societies.


    I want to know more! 
    For questions or further information please contact the Youth Leadership Academy coordinator on anne-kirstine@urk.dk