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    What we do internationally

    In our national and international projects our work is based on three fundamental principles: Peer-to-peer, volunteering and local empowerment. In short, we mobilize young people to strengthen other young people in their community. 

    No matter where we are, whether it be on the Inland ice or the savannah, our primary goal is to strenghten and support the engagement of the local youth, and offer them skills to how they can improve their everyday lives and their local communities through social initiatives, information and education.

    Life Skills
    We base our international projects on a program called Life Skills. The program strengthens young people's competencies and gives them specific skills to make positive, healthy life choices and engage in their communities.

    Life Skills strengthens young people on three levels:
    •    A personal level; by improving self-esteem and self-understanding.
    •    A relational level; by increasing understanding of how to participate and contribute to interpersonal relationships
    •    A social level; by increasing understanding of how to participate and contribute actively to society.

    Did you know...
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    that we have an international online platform called

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    • How can I join?

      There are so many options to help making the world a better place for young people – even if you are based in Denmark.

      We involve volunteers in Denmark in organizational activities, fundraising projects, communication and PR, advocacy and human resources.

      You can also host volunteers from other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies from around the world who are visiting Denmark, and you can support our Danish volunteers going abroad.

      Are you interested in joining or hearing more? Email us at

    • Can I travel with The Danish Red Cross Youth?

      Unfortunately, we only need very few volunteers going abroad. When in other countries, our volunteers support our international projects by helping the local youth organizing and starting up projects.

      Usually we choose volunteers who are already acquainted with The Danish Red Cross Youth and our work. All our international volunteer jobs will be posted on our website. It is not possible to apply unsolicited.

    • Who are we collaborating with abroad?

      In our international projects we are always working closely with The Danish Red Cross. We are collaborating with the respective Red Cross and Red Crescent society in the country. For instance, on our projects in Greenland, we are teaming up with Greenlandic Red Cross and their youth project INUA.

      The local partnership ensures both the sustainability of the project and ensures a focus on the most important needs in the individual local area.

    Did you know...
    International_Ungdommens Røde Kors

    that every year, the Danish Red Cross Youth hosts an international Leadership Academy conference with young people from all over the world?