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    Here we are internationally

    The Red Cross is an international movement, and we are always present, when there are people in need. The Danish Red Cross Youth is a part of this movement, but does not not provide emergency aid. We collaborate with The Danish Red Cross to create development in places where it is particularly difficult to be young. For several years we have been represented in Greenland, Africa, The Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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    Greenlandic Red Cross (Kalaallit Røde Korsiat) and The Danish Red Cross Youth are working closely together. Our main goal is to strengthen a youth movement through volunteer based, social initiatives and supportive and preventive activities targeted and led by Greenlandic youth.

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    Africa has never been younger. Right now, the continent has one of the biggest youth generations in history. They are the future of the continent. The Danish Red Cross Youth promotes health of young people and we work on creating a platform from which young people can act and change their communities for the better. At the moment, we have projects in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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    The Middle East

    For a number of years, we have been present in Jordan and Palestine. Here we have been focusing on securing equality regarding young men and women and their respective opportunities for participating in society.

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    Eastern Europe

    The volunteers in The Danish Red Cross Youth are working closely with young people in other European countries such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Kyrgyzstan.

    Together, we focus on building up empowering, local, young communities and promoting social inclusion of marginalized groups.

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    • How can I join?

      There are so many options to help making the world a better place for young people – even if you are based in Denmark.

      We involve volunteers in Denmark in organizational activities, fundraising projects, communication and PR, advocacy and human resources.

      You can also host volunteers from other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies from around the world who are visiting Denmark, and you can support our Danish volunteers going abroad.

      Are you interested in joining or hearing more? Email us at

    • Can I travel with The Danish Red Cross Youth?

      Unfortunately, we only need very few volunteers going abroad. When in other countries, our volunteers support our international projects by helping the local youth organizing and starting up projects.

      Usually we choose volunteers who are already acquainted with The Danish Red Cross Youth and our work. All our international volunteer jobs will be posted on our website. It is not possible to apply unsolicited.

    • Who are we collaborating with abroad?

      In our international projects we are always working closely with The Danish Red Cross. We are collaborating with the respective Red Cross and Red Crescent society in the country. For instance, on our projects in Greenland, we are teaming up with Greenlandic Red Cross and their youth project INUA.

      The local partnership ensures both the sustainability of the project and ensures a focus on the most important needs in the individual local area.

    Did you know...

    that we occasionally send Danish youth leaders  to partner countries? Here they work with locals to promote the conditions of  young people in the area?